Stunning Pictures Of Mallakhamb: The 900-Year Old Indian Sport You Should Know About

The 900-year-old Indian sport receives its own day of recognition.

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Recorded since the 12th century in Central and South India, Mallakhamb (literally meaning wrestler's pole) is a traditional Indian sport with a strong gymnastic element. Practised for ages as a strength training exercise for wrestlers, it received special attention during the 18th century, thanks to the efforts of Balambhatt Deodhar, who trained Peshwa Baji Rao II. It is since practised as an independent sport, with Madhya Pradesh even declaring Mallakhamb its state sport in 2013.

Mallakhamb has received attention not just in India but in many countries across the world, with many sports instructors offering training for "pole dance".

June 15 has been declared International Mallakhamb Day, and it is high time we took note of this age-old sport which demands immense strength, fluidity and skill.


The time I won the Indian pole dancing competition #bottomfarright #mallakhamb

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Mallakhamb Federation USA participated in Maker Faire - #yoga - #mallakhamb - #balance #littlebigshots

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Boys practice a #Mallakhamb #pyramid pose in the shape of a crown in #Ahmedabad on Sunday. PTI Photo

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Mallakhamb: Maximum exercise of maximum muscles in minimum time. #fitnessmodel #yogachallenge #yoga #Mallakhamb #mallakhambpoledancerosario

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