This International Dance Day, Let’s Offer Our Tribute To B-Town's Worst Dancers!

We list out 7 actors from Bollywood who are outright terrible dancers!

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We all love to groove on hit Bollywood songs and at times we also imitate the dance steps of our favorite star, but there are many who can do anything apart from shaking some serious booty.

Let us dedicate this International Dance Day to these terrible dancers of our B-Town!

1. Sunny Deol: Nope, jumping and shaking hands ain't no dance!

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Sunny paaji has his own swag and has been entertaining us with his impeccable dialogue delivery. But when asked to dance, he just messed it up!

2. Himesh Reshamiyya: Bas Kar Bhai!

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We don’t know why does he attempts to be a versatile person at first place? He tried his hand pretty much on everything like acting, singing, and dancing, but what we got the end of the day was an utter disappointment.

3. Tanishaa Mukherjee: Inspired by her brother-in-law!

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It’s okay if you don’t who she is.! Nothing in her has ever been alluring to the audience. We understand acting is not everyone's cup of tea but when she was asked to dance, she even failed at it!

4. Abhishek Bachchan:

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Junior Bachchan shook legs on many item numbers but never stood out as a good dancer, unlike his much older and experienced father!

5. Ajay Devgan: Can't get any worse!

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His presence has a fierce and eyes full of menace. When he comes on screen, everyone is left awestruck. But when he tries to dance, all his fearful stance goes for a toss.

6. Kangana Ranaut: Karan Johar and Hrithik Roshan will agree to this!

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Kangana is currently the reigning queen of Bollywood but when she tries her hand at dancing, it all goes down the drain!

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