Taste Life In Style With This Instagram Couple Who Earns In 6-Digits By Travelling

Lauren Bullen and Jack Morris are the perfect example of turning your passion into a profession.

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If I asked you to quit your job and go travel the world with your partner?  Umm… practically speaking, you would say no, because how can anyone quit their job to travel and who will bear the expenses?

Okay, let me rephrase the question! Quit your job, go travel the world with your partner and you will get paid. Well, now you surely want to think about this offer right?

Meet 26-year-old Jack Morris and 24-year-old Lauren Bullen, who left their jobs to travel the world.

What's more? They get a 6-digit remuneration for their beautiful pictures and posts on Instagram.


Last day in the Maldives - where shall we go next? ????????????

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Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen meet a year ago in Fiji while working together on a job and fell in love with each other. The couple has so far travelled 20 countries, celebrating their anniversary underneath a waterfall in Bali.


Woke up to a hungry giraffe tapping on our window????

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Both share their memorable moments from their trips and document their travels on Instagram accounts- Do You Travel by Jack and Gypsea Lust by Lauren.

Jack and Lauren, who reportedly earn $ 1,80,000 for each of their posts,told the Cosmopolitan," Exact figures are hard to say because every job is different, but we won't do a post for less than $3,000 USD. That's for one Instagram post, by the way. The most I've personally got for one post is $9,000".



A quiet spot in the desert with my favourite girl ☽

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It all started very interestingly. When Lauren had only 2,000 followers on Instagram, she started sharing cool pictures- soon earning over 16,000 followers. She secured her first job and started exploring various regions and sharing it on her account.


Birthday kisses ????

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Slurpin' nooodles ????????

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Jack’s Instagram entry was quite unusual. He left school at the age of 17 and started a 9-5 carpet cleaning job. After five years when he got frustrated with the job he got himself a one-way ticket to Bangkok. Then he started a little DIY business venture on Instagram, which he later sold and started exploring the world and posting pictures. Gradually he started getting approached by brands and tourist boards to work with them. And it was on one of such jobs that Jack met Lauren, in Fiji.


Been playing in the desert all week ???? @visit.dubai #visitdubai #sp #dubaiadventure

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Woke up early to swing in the jungle ????

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Making new friends on the streets of Paris - thanks to @airbnb for making this happen! ????

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Woke up to sunshine in Paris! We're taking over the @airbnb snapchat again today so tune in for more ???? 'airbnb'

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Making friends in the jungle - starting a new adventure tomorrow, first stop Greece!

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Amazing, isn't it?

So, the next time you feel frustrated with your job, remind yourself that there are people earning more than 6-digit figure by following their passion!

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