Indira Gandhi In Unseen Photographs: Delhi Organizes An Exhibition To Mark The Birth Centenary

The photography exhibition is put up to commemorate Gandhi’s birth centenary at the Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum (IGMM) in New Delhi.

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Bump into Pramod Kumar KG, the curator of photography exhibition ‘Indira: A Life of Courage’ and you’ll find him in awe of Indira Gandhi all in all. “To think of it, I haven’t seen a bad photograph of Indira Gandhi,” he says.

The photography exhibition has been to commemorate Gandhi’s birth centenary at the Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum (IGMM) in New Delhi.

A collection of about 90,000 photographs has been sorted out for picking up the best ones for display. The compilation was put together by Kumar of IGMM Trust and co-curated by Deepthi Sasidharan, who spent four years filtering out the archives. Ultimately, over 300 photographs and 44 objects have been arranged at IGMM for the exhibit.

Among a few of the items are- The which Gandhi wore when she made her last appearance in public, some parchments of handwritten correspondence and some diaries. The delicate pieces like these are kept indoors while the photographs are presented across the lawns of her one-time residence, 1 – Safdarjung Road, Delhi. The exhibit being a chronological one, has the unseen pictures of Gandhi from her personal and professional life.

Pramod Kumar KG states he had a tedious time managing and editing such an enormous collection. But he couldn’t stop thanking Sonia Gandhi for helping him with the missing information.

“She is the family archivist – a huge repository of knowledge, and it would’ve been impossible to map Mrs Gandhi’s life in photographs without her,” he said.

Here’s Indira Gandhi in a bunch of never-seen-before photographs:

1) One with her grandchildren Rahul and Priyanka. Indira Gandhi spent a lot of time with them by this lotus pond in their garden. This photograph dates back to around 1975. (Paul Saltzman)

2) One with Sonia Gandhi while on holiday in Shimla. (Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum Archives)

3) Indira Nehru seen with Mahatma Gandhi in New Delhi, 1935. (Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum Archives)

4) Shortly after her husband Feroze Gandhi’s death, Indira Gandhi was taken on a holiday by her family to Ellora, Aurangabad, c. 1961. (Rajiv Gandhi / Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum Archives)

5) Gandhi walked from her home to her office in New Delhi every day. Magnum photographer Marc Riboud photographed her for some time in 1971, during which this photograph was made. (Marc Riboud / Magnum Photos)

6) Indira Gandhi at Sanjay Gandhi’s funeral. (Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum Archives)

7) Indira Gandhi overlooking the dinner preparations as official hostess at Teen Murti Bhawan, Prime Minister’s residence, 1959, New Delhi. (Jitendra Arya)

8) With folk dancers, sharing a light moment at Teen Murti Bhawan, 1972. (Raghu Rai)

Information and image source: hindustantimes

Title image source: naradanews

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