Indians So Desperate For Vacation, Can Renounce Sex And Coffee For A Week!

Nearly half the Indians also said they would not indulge in a vacation to save up their leaves for contingent reasons.

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Indians need a vacation more than they need sex - is what the survey conducted by travel bookings platform Expedia, revealed.

According to the survey, India stands on the fifth rank when it comes to the list of nations who are deprived of a vacation. The survey was conducted online with about 15,081 respondents across 30 countries participating.

In fact, the desperation is so much that every next Indian can happily renounce a session of sex, a few pegs of alcohols, a round of desserts, a cup of coffee and, wait for it, even internet. All of this, for a whole darn week!

The year 2017 had only 20 holidays as compared to 21 in the year of 2016, which has gotten the participants to feel that they need an average of 14.5 vacation days more than what they had in that year.

However, nearly half the Indians also said that they would not indulge in a vacation in order to save up their number of leaves for contingent reasons such as medical emergencies etc.

The revelation of this factor was dug deep by a few more questions by the travel website. It was then found out that many employees are hesitant in taking a vacation because they are afraid of being judged by their peers and employers. They also feared of certain important decisions pertaining to work or their profile being taken in their absence.

The survey further disclosed the following statistics: 57% of the Indians factor in the workload post vacation while fixing the duration of the trip. Also, 67% of Indians push forward or cancel their vacation because of work.

Even though the holiday plans go haywire, the holiday spirit prevails. The daydreaming for a vacation rears its pretty head during work hours, making 60% of Indians spend office time planning and surfing about a vacation.

The survey also made known that ‘holiday’ is one of the important factors when it comes to choosing the next job, so much so that 87% Indians looked into the number of vacation days before recruitments. But no matter how many holidays they get, Indians would still save ‘em up for the rainy day, thus making it a vicious cycle in itself.

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