Indian Woman Shares A Heart Wrenching Story Of NRI Husband Who Abandoned Her

Recently, BBC London shared a video, where a bride named Ritu shared her heart-wrenching story.

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In India, people find it prestigious to have a non-resident Indian (NRI) son-in-law, and there are many online sites that make a match for them. For every Indian bride, marrying an NRI usually looks like a dreamy, fairytale-like thing, but for some, it can be the most horrifying nightmare ever.

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According to a recent report, in 2016, around 200 cases in India have been registered where an NRI husband has abandoned his wife. In many cases, the family doesn’t even register complain due to fear of the society.



Recently, BBCLondon shared a video, where a bride named Ritu shared her heart-wrenching story.

After waiting for almost 18 months for her husband, Ritu finally decided to fly down to UK London to confront her husband, without knowing how he will react after seeing her.

Source: BBCLondon

Source: BBCLondon

Ritu was right! Her husband denied their marriage and even called the cops. Ritu even shared the story with the cops, but no use! 

Six months after she came back from the United Kingdom, her husband finally agreed to divorce her. 

Watch this heart wrenching story in a video here: 

‘My husband left on our wedding night’

‘My husband left on our wedding night’

Posted by BBC London on Sunday, 26 February 2017

Title Image: BBCLondon

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