Indian Student Invents Mobile Phone With Attached Portable Microscope

Samrat Singh, a student of iit Bombay, has  developed a portable microscope which can be carried anywhere.This new technology is beneficial in remote areas.

Samrat Singh, A student of IIT Bombay, Dr Deepa Bhartiya, A Portable Microscope, New Technology, New Medical Technology

Samrat Singh, a student of iit Bombay, has  developed a portable microscope which can be carried anywhere. This new technology is beneficial for people living in remote areas where medical facilities are too poor. The microscope is smaller than the regular microscopes in use and connected to a mobile phone, which converts the image taken by the phone's camera into a digital one and then processed.

Source: Hindustantimes


Infections such as malaria and tuberculosis can be screened by this device, and then could be sent to laboratories for quicker diagnosis.  The quality of images is good since the camera of mobile phone is of high quality.


The device costs approximately Rs 35,000, which makes it inexpensive as compared to other microscopes since they are priced above Rs 1 lakh.


According to Dr Deepa Bhartiya, a senior faculty at the Indian Council for Medical Research,  the image quality of microscope is as good as taken by any imported machine. Another review by Dr Jude Vaz said that the device is very convenient and can be carried around easily. "Unlike doctors who carry stethoscopes around their necks, we pathologists cannot carry our microscopes with us everywhere" Dr Vaz added.

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