Indian Railways To Introduce Hi-End Trains That Will Reduce The Travelling Time By 20%

These trains will travel at the speed of 160 kmph.

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Travelling by train will now be less weary as new luxury trains are on the verge to reduce your travel time by 20 percent. 

Getting deep into technicality, one of the reasons behind the increase in travel time is- locomotives. 

These hi-end, super-fast trains will be designed by the Integral Coach Factory (ICF) which is based in Chennai.

The trains will be fully air-conditioned and would be named as Train 18 and Train 20. The name of the train is related to the manufacturing time, the company would take to construct them. Train 18 will be manufactured by June 2018 and the manufacturing of Train 20 will start by 2020.

Source: erail

Beating the train speed of Shatabdi and Rajdhani, these newly developed trains will travel at the speed of 160 kmph.

According to a report by Times of India, Train 18 will come with high-class amenities like onboard Wifi along with infotainment, GPS-based passenger information and luxurious interiors that will have diffused LED lighting.

Train 18 and Train 20 are the projects that come under the Make in India campaign. Also, the estimated cost of manufacturing of these trains will be half the price of imported trains.

Information and title image sourced from: timesnownews

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