Indian Photographer At The 2016 Nat Geo Photo Contest Wins In Animal Portrait Category

This amazing captures will take your breath away!

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Do you have the perfect eye for the capture? Do you own the perfect lens?

Well, this budding photographer from Tamil Nadu certainly does!

Every year National Geographic hosts the ‘Nature Photographer of the Year Contest’ for photographers worldwide to promote the art of precision, endurance and beauty. 

Indian photographer Varun Aditya bagged the first prize in the Animal Portrait category for a photo of a snake he captured in the Mumbai jungles.


Varun describes himself as an ardent nature lover and a self-taught professional photographer focusing on wildlife, nature and landscape photography who is based in Coimbatore! Aditya narrated his adventure journey and how he spotted the green beauty nested in its natural habitat.

“A morning stroll into the blissful forest! Ceaseless drizzles dampening the woods for 12 hours a day; The serene gloom which kept me guessing if it was a night or a day. Heavy fog, chilling breeze, and the perennial silence could calm roaring sprits; And there I spotted this 20 cm beauty - the Green vine snake! I wondered if I needed more reasons to capture this with the habitat; For I was blessed to see this at the place I was at. I immediately switched from the macro to the wide angle lens” the photographer wrote.

This year, the grand prize went to Greg Lecoeur, for his underwater photo of sardine migration on the Wild Coast of South Africa.  
The underwater photo on the Wild Coast of South Africa was instrumental in making him the 2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year. Lecoeur’s photo won the Action category.

Here are some of his amazing pics - 






And here is the award winning one - 


The other winners were Vadim Balakin, of Sverdlovsk, Russia, placed first in the Environmental Issues category for a photo of polar bear remains in Norway and Jacob Kapetein of Gerland, Netherlands, placed first in the Landscape category for a photo of a small beech tree in a river.

Some ace shutterbugs these people!

All images are taken from varunadityaphotography

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