Indian Navy Goes Green! INS Sarvekshak Installs Solar Power System

It has taken six months to put the entire system in place.

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“A unique activity never attempted on any warship in India...perhaps not even abroad on warships" said a Navy Spokesman when the navy displayed its unique project at their Headquarters at Kochi.

The survey class vessel INS Sarvekshak, attached with the southern naval command, has been fitted with 18 sheets of solar panels atop its hangar. For the first time in the country, solar panels have been installed on an Indian warship.

The power source required for communication equipment, battery charging and general lightings onboard round the clock, with battery outputs during the night, will now be taken care of by this system installed on the ship.

 "It took about six months to put the entire system in place. We are now using solar energy for lights and a couple of air conditioners," said Captain Rajesh Bargoti, Commanding Officer of the ship..

Source: hindustantimes

"Also, the wind speed can affect the panels, which may get uprooted while at sea. So, we had to look at flexible panels that had anti-rust properties, were marine compatible, could withstand high wind speeds, perform on flat installations and had very low weight," he explained. 

"We have 10 batteries which are used for storage. So, we have been using only solar power for the purpose of lighting during sail. When we are anchored, we use power supplied by the state electricity board and not diesel," said electrical engineer Commander Sreejith Thampi. 

The deterioration of the environment was highly correlated to the production and usage of fossil-based fuels worldwide, thus this step is a feather in the cap of our country.

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