You Are Not The Only "Nalayak": 'Indian Mom' On Twitter Gives You Hope

Indian moms are the same everywhere, as established by this hilarious Twitter handle.

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Do you often find yourself surrounded by guilt for losing a Tupperware dabba

Do you start getting panic attacks at 11:01 pm when you told your Mom you'd be back by 11:00?

Do your palms start sweating when your phone is dying and you haven't called home?

Worry not. These symptoms are common of everybody who is blessed with that complex creation of Nature, the Indian Mom. But this Twitter account has helped lessen our guilt, and improve our understanding of desi mothers greatly.

The priorities are clear:

No time for your YOLO shit here!

Female Existence 101: That extra dupatta stashed in your bag!

In fact, nothing you wear can be good enough for moms, right?

But God help thee if you question their fashion choices!

Oh and the WhatsApp forwards!


Moms. Slay. Everyone.




We've all been guilty of this idiocy..

And our moms reciprocate by killing every single joke we make, to this day...

So share this with your mom, and then wait for the flying chappal that follows!

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