Indian Man Declares Himself King Of Unclaimed 2000 Sq Km Area In Africa

CEO of a software firm, Suyash Dixit proclaimed himself "king" of world's largest unclaimed habitable territory.

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An Indian man declared a 2,000 sq km area between Egypt and Sudan as his kingdom. Suyash Dixit, a 24-year-old businessman from Indore has proclaimed himself as the "king" of the largest unclaimed habitable territory in the world.

He also launched an online petition to the United Nations seeking recognition of his claim. Till now, the petition has found 800 supporters and still counting.

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When Dixit read about Bir Tawil, a large stretch of territory between the two countries in November when he was travelling to Cairo for a software developers' conference.

Any countries have not yet claimed this place since 1902 because of its complicated colonial-era border demarcation history. Although, international recognition claims have not been seen, there are several adventurers and explorers that are taking ownership of it.

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"While in Cairo, I decided to travel to the place. I took a connecting flight from Cairo to Abu Simbel on November 4 after the conference and travelled in a rented car for six hours through the desert to reach Bir Tawil. There is no road, but it was not a difficult trip, although I was afraid of being abducted by terrorists. There, I realized nobody was bothered about it, so I decided to claim it for myself. I planted sunflower seeds there, which is a traditional way to claim ownership of land," TOI quoted Dixit. 

A 'Kingdom of Dixit' flag has also been designed and planted at Bir Tawil by Dixit.

"After returning, I wrote an online petition to the UN informing them about my claim, and requesting recognition, although I am not very optimistic that they will reply. However, in just a day's time, I have received support from more than 800 people for my claim, so it might just happen," TOI further quoted him.

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Talking about his family’s concern he said, "However, it did not last long as I made my father the president of the kingdom. Now everybody in my family is following the petition's progress and coverage of it online. I will try to secure more support on social media platforms".

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