7 Indian Engineers Who Went On To Try Their Hands On A Career That Is Far Away From Engineering

Indian engineers who have a flourishing career apart from engineering.

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No matter for how many times engineers get trolled but at the end of the day, there is always an engineer who will come to the rescue of you.

Be it coming with a Jugaadoo idea or giving fodder to film concepts, engineers have always been there to prove the world their existence. Some say, engineers engineering chhodke sab karte hai, which is true at some point and here are few engineers of India who just proved this statement right.

1. Baadshah:

Source: bigdays

After studying civil engineering from PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh. Baadshah got exposed to the fascinating world of Punjabi music industry and he stepped into the Bollywood and spoiled some good classic Hindi songs by forcefully adding unwanted rap.

2. Arvind Kejriwal:

Source: socialsomosa

An iconic figure of Indian politics with a muffler wrapped around his neck might not look as a political leader but unfortunately, he is. Do we need to say more, or you’ve guessed it already? We expect an IITian to seek for a job or get into entrepreneurship but what he did was so out of the box that an aam aadmi could have never thought of doing it.

3. Kartik Aaryan

Source: jansatta

This cute, dashing engineer has always achieved success in attracting girls, yes it’s his charm that has smitten girls always. After listening to his long monologue in PKP; we’re sure that Karthik would have never struggled in his engineering days to mug up any answer.

4. Chetan Bhagat

Source: ibtimes

In India, you look up to a person if he/she is an IITian but you see this is not the case with everyone. Graduating from IIT is highly respected but what career you choose after that cannot always pay you back that respect. From writing a book like Half Girlfriend and later becoming a judge of Nach Baliye, the author seemed to have donned too many hats at once.

5. Azeem Banatwala

Source: whatshot

Getting a degree in engineering and moving towards standup comedy must have been a tough venture for him. With standup comedy evolving in India, this guy just broke the barriers and went out on the podium to make us laugh.

6. Harsha Bhogle

Source: ytimg

After pursuing chemical engineering, Harsha’s life hit a googly shot when he stumbled upon a new path of career. Cricket being the most worshipped sport in India, a career in this field made Harsha fetch a great recognition in it.  

7. Varun Grover

Source: ie

A comedian, screenwriter, lyricist and of course an engineer that too from IIT. Varun has just proved that there is a life and a career beyond engineering and engineers have potential to do anything in this world.

Title image: ytimgjansatta

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