Indian Culture: Why do we have Bells in Temples???

The moment we ring a bell, it produces a sharp, enduring sound which lasts for 7 second and in those 7 seconds our main 7 healing centers are activated in body

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Indian diversity is known all over the world, the customs, the richness and the love India spreads through different cultures is limitless. While majority of people have seen the bells which are in the temples, have you ever thought what exactly they do? What is the use of bells in temples? Bells are a major part of temples and can be seen in almost every temple but why? Today we’ll tell you what role a bell plays in any and every temple.

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Hindu Mythology believes that the bell produces a sound which keeps the evil forces away. According to one of the main Shastras in Hindu mythology, bells were always pleasant to god and kept evils away.

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One more reason behind this is that sound of the bell helps to clear the negatives and focus. The sound clears our mind and alerts us.

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The moment we ring a bell, it produces a sharp and enduring sound which lasts for 7 second and in those 7 seconds our main 7 healing centers are activated in the body. The healing parts are activated and prove good enough for our body in many ways since they also bring your attention back. Since the bells are created in such a way that when it rings it unites left and right parts of our brain.

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One more reason of keeping a bell is that it frees all the negativity from one’s mind and soul and this is the reason one feels satisfied after coming back from a temple since the bell sound produces a large role even if we listen to them.

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Now everything people used to do earlier always had a reason. The making of bell does not include only one metal; it includes various metals like cadmium, lead, copper, zinc nickel, chromium and manganese. The real proportion at which each one of them is mixed makes our mind’s healing process easier. The 7 chakras are healed since the sounds make an echo on our brain.

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A person goes into a Trans state; a trans state means a stage when a person is most aware and not occupied with other things.

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So if a person is very restless or a baby is crying a lot we take him to temple and if you see that baby has stopped crying then you know the real “God” behind it.

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