Indian Culture 101: Why Do We Offer Coconut In Temples?

Ever wondered why only coconut is offered in temples and cracked open before the starting of any auspicious ceremony?Why that only coconut is deemed.

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Ever wondered why only coconut is offered in temples and cracked open before the starting of any auspicious ceremony? Why that only coconut is deemed of enough value to serve as an offering for the gods? There are many explanations in Hinduism behind the coconut logic! Read on to know more!

Why Only Coconut?

In ancient times, human heads were sacrificed in place of coconuts! Soon people realized that this act was very violent, and so the human head was replaced by coconuts. Why specifically coconuts? You must have noticed three circular marks on one end of the coconut. It was considered that these marks made it look similar to a human head. The custom spread and became a regular part of Hindu culture.

What does a coconut symbolize? davidboyk

The coconut is symbolic of human head which is said to be the seat of the ego of a human being. Hence the process of breaking the coconut has immense significance. When you first tear away the husk from the coconut, it is representative of your wishes and desires which you need to leave aside. Then comes the hard shell which is symbolic of the ego. When you break it and the water flows out, all the negative thoughts inside you flow out too. The only thing left is be the pure white flesh of the coconut, which is your pure soul.

What makes Coconut so valuable? jpsunda

The coconut tree is traditionally called “Kalpa-vriksha” and in Hindu Mythology this tree fulfills every wish of human beings. Coconut guarantees that everything will go well and this is the reason people break coconuts before starting any new foundations or after buying new vehicles.

According to Hindu Mythology, there is also a story about the coconut tree fulfilling a ruler’s dream. The king was King Satyavrata- a great ruler who was honest throughout his whole life. His only wish was to enter heaven with his body intact and the coconut tree fulfilled the king’s wish. So now people who have any wishes that need fulfilling, they offer this fruit to the gods.

Importance of Coconuts thecoconutlover

Every part of a coconut finds use somewhere, making it of great value. Be it dry or tender coconut, it can be used in cooking, medicinal purposes, cosmetic reasons and other health applications. Even the hard shells can be used for making utensils, toys, craft materials and fuel.  Leaves of the coconut tree are used to make brooms and mats. Products which can be made from coconut water are oils, milk and sugar. The coconut tree roots are used as dye and mouthwash. Coconut is the only fruit of which no part is ever discarded as waste.

Since people thought that the Almighty should be always offered something great, the versatile coconut filled the honoured place and is an example of selfless service!

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