Indian Army Helps A 12-year Old Pakistan Boy Get Back To His Country, Hopes Pakistan Will Reciprocate

The incident could help in securing the release of caught soldier.

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A 12-year old Pakistan boy, in search of water, crossed over to the Indian side near Punjab and ran into the Indian army. The army, understanding his mistake, helped him back to his country as soon as they could. Citing this incident, India hopes that Pakistan will reciprocate and release the recently caught Indian soldier back to India in a gesture of goodwill.

The Indian soldier inadvertently crossed over to Pakistan and was caught by the Pakistan army. Owing to recent tensions between the two countries and the surgical strike by India, getting him back has been difficult.

How and when Pakistan reacts to this matter is difficult to guess at the least. You can know more about the incident from the video below!

Title image: Pressks

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