Modi Effect: Crowd Breaks Into Spontaneous Applause After Seeing Indian Army Jawans At Delhi Airport!

People listen to Modi's appeal of respecting soldiers by giving standing ovation

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It was a few months back when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had appealed to people to respect our soldiers.

In a speech to an assembly of war widows and ex-servicemen during the inauguration of Shaurya Smarak state war memorial at Bhopal, Modi recollected his experience abroad where soldiers are given standing ovation by people whenever they pass by at airports or railway stations. Modi also appealed his countrymen to start a similar tradition in India.

Today, at 3 AM in the morning at the Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport, people started clapping spontaneously when they saw Indian Army Jawans passing by.

The army men were taken by surprise and responded by shaking hand with the applauding public.

Check out the videos below - 




Hope this continues and becomes a tradition all over the country.

Title image: youtube, twitter

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