India To Witness Flying Rickshaws In Coming Years

The conclave was organised by Tata Steel in association with Confederation of Indian Industries at JRD Tata Complex, Jamshedpur.

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If you are one of them who just keep expressing your annoyance every time you get stuck in the traffic then this news will certainly cool down your nerves.

In a recent news related to the country’s development, Jayant Sinha- Minister of state (MoS) for civil aviation with his ministry thought about the possibilities of ‘air rickshaws’ in India.

This rickshaw will be based on the drone technology which will serve the purpose of easy transportation.

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Jayant talked about this project on Tuesday while addressing the corporate giants at City Data for India Conclave 2018. In the talk he said,

Air rickshaw based on drone technology can be the best transportation service in the country and the ministry is drafting regulations in this regard.

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While the project might take years to get implemented, Sinha did not give any time probability of when this project will actually get implemented. Talking about the possibility of the rates of the flight tickets, Sinha said,

To cover one kilometre distance by an auto, city residents pay only around Rs 4. This was nearly the same amount one pays to travel one kilometre by air, the flight ticket amount is high as several thousand kilometers are being covered during one journey.

According to Sinha, there are many pilot projects rolling out in the countries like UAE and Germany that is based on the air service through the drone. This technology also serves a broader need that can be implemented for mapping, security, a survey of mineral sites, product delivery and defence.

With a mission of striving for more advanced development in India, Sinha has asked Tata Steel and Tata Motors to set up an advanced lab that will serve for innovative ideas like drone technology.

Sunil Bhaskaran, vice president (corporate services), Tata Steel, said,

The company was working on collecting data to meet the future infrastructure demands.

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