This Indo - Pak National Anthem Mash-Up Will Leave You With Goosebumps

From the Qaumi Taranah to Jana Gana Mana, 70 years after Independence an attempt at reconciliation with the Peace Anthem.

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August generally brings all the patriotism in both the countries as India and Pakistan share their Independence Day this month. Today as Pakistan is celebrating its 70th anniversary of independence, India will commemorate its 70th Independence Day tomorrow. Although these two countries generally share a tense relationship, constant vigilance and firing across borders, citizens of both the nations always want peace and harmony.

Recently a video by Voice of Ram introduced us to the Peace Anthem - which combines the National Anthems of India and Pakistan.

It is sung by artists of both countries and for all the right reasons, the video is being highly appreciated by both the countrymen.

Source: thenews

The video brings goose-bumps with artists’ mesmerizing voices, amazing music and the chain of words bound in national anthems’ pride makes you feel more than proud for your country.

This enduring quote, “When we open our borders to art, peace comes along”, commences the video, followed by the artists of both countries singing the national anthems from Pakistan and then India together.

Starting with the Qaumi Taranah or 'Pak Sarzamin', followed by 'Jana Gana Mana', this amalgamation has been titled the Peace Anthem.

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This video and the appreciation from both the countries proves that beyond Kashmir and other issues, all that the citizens of both the countries want is just peace and love.


Title Image: Youtube

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