India Way Ahead Of Many Other Countries In Implementing AI: Survey

More than half of the companies using AI in India are implementing it at scale.

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India is leading the Artificial Intelligence race and is way ahead of many other developed countries in working with the technology at scale.

According to a Capgemini report that was released this month, more than half (58%) of the companies that are using AI in India are working with the technology at scale, meaning the companies are going beyond pilot and test projects and adopting the technology at a larger scale.

The report is based on a survey of nearly 1,000 companies that are using AI and have revenues of over $500 million across nine countries. The survey was conducted between March and June 2017.

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The report titled, ‘Turning AI Into Concrete Value: The Successful Implementers’ Toolkit,’ said that the statistic is largely driven by American firms such as Adobe, Accenture, and Microsoft, which set up innovation centers in India. 

India was the second-largest global site for new centers in 2016, lagging behind only the US.

The report also stated that the Digital India initiative undertaken by the Indian government has also created a favorable regulatory environment for increased use of AI.

Considering the slower pace of AI adoption in European countries like Spain (31%), France (21%) and the Netherlands (24%), the report further indicated that firms in these markets are not yet ready to adopt the technology.

Information source: The Quartz

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