In Appreciation Of Saajan: The Story Of Three People In Competition For The Longest Hair

The definitive classic Saajan completes 25 years today. That’s right. Feeling old already?

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The definitive classic Saajan completes 25 years today. That’s right. Feeling old already?

The film has become a cult favourite, largely owing to its music, which is now a permanent fixture everywhere- from weddings to antaksharis to the lame spoof songs we made in school (you sang them too, admit it).

In appreciation of this classic, we bring to you some trademark tropes, which scream Nineties!

1. The mandatory Jeep Song

Jeeps were manufactured not to ferry US soldiers during WWII, but to showcase the antics of our stars with minimum interference from unnecessary things like shade and protection. No wonder why Badshah songs with those fancy limos just don’t have that appeal!

2. Anything and everything is a Prop

Here’s Salman Khan, the perfect gentleman, splashing around the water that the woman must’ve carried for miles. No biggie!

3. Madhuri Dixit Dancing

Madhuri Dixit’s dance is one of the things that made life in the 90s worth living. Even if it puzzled you at times.

4. Salman Khan being able to dance

Ah! Sweet old muscular flexibility!

5. Dancing to beat-less songs

Madhuri Dixit could dance to anything. Even where you couldn’t possibly trace a tappable rhythm!

6. Printed shirts and high-rise pants

Source: tumblr

Why should girls have all the fun? Mughal miniature paintings on your shirts are a must! As are trousers which start just below your ribcage. Not the excuse of a garment which millennials wear these days, no sir!

7. Mystic Piano

It is said that the legendary Dilip Kumar actually learned how to play the Sitar for a song of his. But we don’t bother ourselves with trivial details of the sort. Propping up a gigantic piano against the heroine is enough, even if you can’t hear it anywhere in the song. Oh, and you know what’s even cooler? A FOG MACHINE!

8. Oversized everything!

Go BIG! The bindi, the earrings, the clothes off the set of Mughal-e-Azam, the hair, don’t skimp anywhere!

9.This visual sorcery

Not sure if wedding photographers in the 90s were influenced by Saajan or it was the other way round.

10. Shoulder-length hair

Because what use are an actor’s locks if they don’t sway gently with the breeze?

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