In A Shock To AAP, EC Brings Down The Hammer On 21 MLAs

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ON March 13, 2015, the Delhi government had passed an order appointing the 21 party MLAs as Parliamentary Secretaries, which the AAP party claimed were its eyes, ears and hands.

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Source: Rediff

India Today gained access to Election Commission’s internal documents in which EC had come to the conclusion that the appointments made by the Kejriwal government are invalid.

Accusing the BJP and Congress of double standards, Kejriwal took up the issue with PM Modi, saying it was "legal" when they did it and "illegal" when his government did so.

"I request Modiji with folded hands," Kejriwal told reporters, literally folding his hands. "Your fight is with me. Beat me if you wish, do whatever you want to me but do not harass the people of Delhi. Don't try to stop the good work being done in Delhi."

Title image: Financialexpress

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News Entertainment Food Travel World Events Nagpur Pune Reacho

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