“I Take You, Bruno...In Sickness And In Health”: When Your Girlfriend Loves Dogs More Than She Loves You

Woman is also Dog's Best Friend.This short story proves that dogs are dearly to women also,In fact even more than boyfriend.Just lookout what happened next,

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Many people are seen preferring the company of their pet dogs to humans, for the unconditional love and loyalty that the former exhibit. But what happens when you find a girl who is as devoted to her puppy as it is to her?

We came across this conversation of a couple whose decision to marry was hinged entirely on one issue: the lady’s pet dog. The guy wasn’t ready to share his personal space and time with the canine, and the woman could not abandon it for the world. What finally happened?

Source: Bombatdawgz

Hmm, amicable, wouldn't you say?

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