“I Know Everything”: 7 Reasons Why Donna Paulsen From Suits Is The Perfect Assistant!

Every professional needs an assistant but Donna Paulsen from Suits is much more than that. Harvey Specter’s right hand, she knows your work and she knows you, b

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Every professional needs an assistant but Donna Paulsen from Suits is much more than that. Harvey Specter’s right hand, she knows your work and she knows you, better than you know yourself too! Harvey can never imagine his life without Donna and here are 7 reasons why-

1. Donna is loyal

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You can bribe her, tempt her or blackmail her, she is never going against her boss. No matter how bad the situation becomes, she is going to stand by her boss and proudly so.

2. Donna is beautiful

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A beautiful person smiling at you, wishing you every morning, that just makes your day, doesn’t it? Well Donna is adorable that way. She can make you smile when you are low, and scare the hell out of you with her drama. That’s the sort of entertainment we all want in our daily boring life.

3. Donna is helpful and logical

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Even Jessica wants to give her a raise because of her sharp intellect! Donna knows what is going in your head, if your mood is bad or good, if you are thinking something serious or if you are confused. She will help you no matter what, with all the information she has. If Harvey’s tie is slightly off-centre she knows something is wrong just by seeing it!

4. Donna goes out of her way for her boss

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If she knows her boss is in trouble, she can do anything to rescue him! A person who takes equal responsibility in your work and happiness is something we all want. Some people don’t work with you just for money , they trust you, they know you and that’s the reason which holds them with you.

5. Donna knows everything

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Donna is someone who is never told what needs to be done. She understands her responsibility, does work on time and never give a chance for complaint because she is actually perfect. You can trust Donna to execute any task without the slightest of hiccups!

6. Donna can scare the hell out of you

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If you are a stranger who wants to meet her boss, you simply cannot just walk into his chamber. No matter how famous or how friendly you are, she can even blackmail you because she takes her orders damn seriously and that will make you back off!

7. Donna is confident and reflects Harvey

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Whether it is quips like "Think of the Devil and Louis is here" in front of Louis or confronting Harvey about his apparent lack of emotion, Donna has the perfect reaction for every situation and is hardly ever cornered. Because of her guts, she is able to take many risks and it also reflects how Harvey is and why he likes Donna!

What other qualities of Donna are you absolutely floored by? Share with us in the Comments below!

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