Hysterical And Imaginary Barack Obama-Joe Biden Memes Will Make You Laugh Hard!

Ultimate friendship goals set by Obama and Biden!

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After the overwhelming and exasperating US elections, which comprised of severe mocking of President elect Donald Trump, current US President Barack Obama and the Vice President Joe Biden are new entrants to the meme scene. For several months now, different memes of Obama and Biden are being shared where they are captioned with imaginary and hysterical conversations.

Joe Biden also termed as America’s ‘Uncle-in-Chief’ is mostly seen as the prankster in these memes while Obama is positioned as the responsible, tensed President. Surprisingly these memes do offer some comic relief after a tense and rancorous election. Even Obama and Vice President Joe Biden seem to have a laugh about these memes who are also believed to be great friends as well. Here follows a hilarious take of the fictitious conversations between the dynamic duo.









Title image: harpersbazaar

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