12-Year-Old Hyderabad Boy Started Repairing Potholes, While Officials Still Sleep

Ravi Teja, a Class 6 student, used broken bricks, gravel and stones from nearby areas to repair potholes.

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When the civil authorities turned a blind eye towards the potholes in Hyderabad, a 12-year-old took the initiative to repair roads.

Ravi Teja is the son of construction worker D Suryanarayana while his mother Nagamani is a homemaker. Ravi recently saw a family of three getting injured while avoiding a pothole.

Ravi thought it would be better to take initiative and started repairing the road, instead of waiting for civic authorities and watching more mishaps.

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Talking to a leading daily, Ravi said, “After watching the accident on the Habsiguda road, I thought I should do something from my side to see that such accidents do not recur. I have been doing it for the last one week, whenever I get the time.”

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Ravi worked for hours to patiently repair the potholes- he collected broken bricks, gravel and stones from nearby areas and started filling the potholes with them.

When his action were noticed by a local government school, they appreciated his civic responsibility.

When asked who gave him this idea Ravi said, “Nobody told me to do so. I did it on my own. And, I will continue to do it.”

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However, earlier on May 1st Telangana chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao had directed the departments responsible for roads and buildings to fill up all the potholes in Telangana by the end of the month. He had also announced that the necessary funds would be released from the budget. The CM strictly warned that if any potholes were found on any of the roads, stringent action would be taken against officials.

Now it has been more than a month and no action has been taken. Now the condition of the state capital city is turning into bad to worse with heavy rains lashing.

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