From Kardashian Twist To Shakira Crunch, This Hyderabad Hotel Has A Sexist Menu

'Namesake' is what the authorities say, but activists find it indecent and gross.

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Over the years we have seen food getting revamped with the way it is garnished and the way it’s named. For instance, khichadi became "steamed rice and lentils drizzled with sputtered mustard and chillies". Well, this is still okay, but what if you stumble upon food names like Jacqueline Dazzle or a Shakira Crunch?


We are not kidding, because there actually exists a restaurant named Ohri’s in HiTec City- Hyderabad where you get such eateries that symbolizes extremities of sexism.

As reported by Deccan Chronicle, these varieties of milkshakes are categorized as "Item bombs".

Mr Junaid Amir, a resident of Lingampally, said,

Initially we laughed when we saw the menu but when we realised that an entire page was listed in such a demeaning way, it was shocking. There is a clear sexist undertone to the menu. How can you name your milkshakes in this manner?

In defence, Ohri’s management claimed that their outlet caters to young crowd and hence the milkshake menu was listed this way.

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A senior management official for the restaurant said,

These are just names of our popular milkshakes. There are not representative of anyone. We celebrate womanhood and any resemblance to a person is purely coincidental.


Taking this namesake debate even further, Ms Padmavati Pamarthy, a women activist said,

It is a derogatory marketing tactic that nullifies sensitisation of gender. Using the word hot, crunch and dazzle is in no way related to their art, credentials or acting abilities. Acting is their profession and it gives no one the right to reduce their persona to symbols of sexuality.

Sharing similar views on this, Sreeja Raj, a resident of Begumpet, said,

Most cocktails are named after women in pubs across India. It is surprising how everyone fails to see the problem in this. We have grown so accustomed to just picking an item off the menu rather than questioning why it has been named in the way it has!

So if you're thinking of stepping in to get a drink, choose your words wisely!

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Information source: deccanchronicle, thequint

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