Woman Runs 42 Km Hyderabad Full Marathon In A Saree!

In a country with gender stereotypes, we have a 44-year old Jayanthi Kumar going against them to prove a point.

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Running = Tracksuit.

This equation was proved wrong by 44-year old Jayanthi Sampath Kumar who broke the norms and ran the Hyderabad full marathon in the traditional Indian saree. She completed a distance of 42 km with 20,000 others running with her.

 Source: deccanchronicle

Jayanthi went a step further and complimented her saree with a bindi and sandals. She was quoted in Deccan Chronicle, saying, “I want to promote handloom and encourage women. This is a statement of my support. I am a cyclist and ride very often, and notice a lot of plastic pollution happening around us. I am keen to curb that and want to use this platform to oppose it. For that, maybe I should run in a sari made of plastic wrappers people throw”.

Jayanti may have made heads turn around through this event, but she isn’t the first to break the stereotype.

In December 2013, Lata Bhagwan Khare ran the Baramati marathon barefoot in a saree at the ripe age of 61!

 Source: dna

Jayanthi Kumar stood out to be an inspiration for all those women out there who are skeptical to pull off the Indian attire with much elan. She stated that she too, like Lata, wished to run the marathon barefoot but the stones hurt her and thus she had to switch her plans to the one of wearing sandals.

Giving her company was a 27-year Uday Bhaskar Dandamudi who ran the marathon in a dhoti! He stated he had the same interests as those of Jayanthi’s.

 Source: deccanchronicle

Jayanthi Kumar wishes to take her chances and plans to enter the Guinness Book of World Records and win the title for running the fastest marathon in a saree.

The marathon comes with a condition of completing it within 5 hours. Jayanthi says with the help of her coach, Dr. Vignan, she might have achieved her target and is waiting for a certificate to authenticate it.

Jayanthi ensured that all the measures were taken to record her feat at the run. She worked along a cycle marshal who captured her photographs and videos while at the run.

Information source: sportskeeda

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