Hyderabad Bound Indigo Flight Departs Early, Leaves 14 Passengers Behind

Another goof up for Indigo!

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Missing a flight because we are late, is very common and probably happens many times in a day. But what if someone told you they missed their flight because it departed earlier than its scheduled time? Don’t think that this scenario is out of a parallel universe because something like this happened with 14 Hyderabad bound passengers.

The Goa-Hyderabad Indigo flight allegedly departed earlier than its designated time without any announcement and left 14 passengers behind. The 14 passengers of the Hyderabad bound flight who were left behind said that the flight departed earlier than its scheduled time without informing the passengers. Whereas the spokesperson for Indigo said that despite several announcements, the passengers didn’t show up.

The scheduled departure of the Indigo 6E 259 flight from the Goa airport was at 10:50 pm. According to the passengers who had checked in and were waiting to board the flight, it left 25 mins before the scheduled departure. Which is why the flight landed at the Hyderabad airport at 11:40 pm, instead of its scheduled arrival 12:05 and left the passengers baffled.

According to Indigo, however, the airline made everything they could to inform the passengers about the early departure.

“The boarding gate closed at 10:25 pm and they reached the gate at 10.33pm. IndiGo staff looked for them at the airport while making frantic announcements over the hand-held loudspeaker,” an Indigo spokesperson told Times Of India.

“They (staff) had called them on the phone number provided by the passengers, but it turned out to be that of their travel agent, Thomas Cook, who refused to give us their phone numbers but promised that they will inform the passengers.Despite no fault on our part, IndiGo shifted them to the next flight in the morning free of charge,” he added.

This is not the first time that Indigo has made a goof-up. Only last week, the airline put a passenger on a wrong flight.

Information and cover image sourced from india.com

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