Pearl City Hyderabad Emerges As Best City To Live In For The Third Time In Mercer’s List

Because of its relative crime rate and lesser air pollution, Hyderabad continued to score high.

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Hyderabad, the City of Pearls, has been ranked as the top Indian city in the quality of living ranking for the third consecutive time, beating the capital of the nation, New Delhi and even the city of dreams Mumbai, as per the mercer Quality of Living ranking 2017. Mercer, which is a global human resource consulting firm, is headquartered in New York and its survey, covering over 230 cities across the globe, is conducted annually.

As per the reports, both the cities Hyderabad and Pune stood higher on the charts for quality of living than the country’s more traditional business centres, Mumbai and New Delhi- which ranked at places 154 and 161 respectively. Although Hyderabad maintained its ranking at the national level, it slipped five spots from 139 to 144 since last year in the overall rankings.

The reason behind Hyderabad’s top position (nationally) in comparison with other surveyed Indian cities, according to reports, is because of its relative lower crime rate, lesser air pollution and improved options for international and reputable English speaking schools. The report also applauded the city’s efficient police force.

Source: tripadvisor

“In comparison with other metros in the country, Hyderabad offers a cosmopolitan environment and a higher standard of living at more affordable rates. The city's international schools also offer good-quality education at a cost that is only one-third of-of what is charged by schools in Mumbai and New Delhi”, said Padmaja Yalamanchi, president of Twin-Cities Expatriates Association (TEA), according to reports stated by the timesofindia.

However, the cause for Hyderabad’s five notches drop since last year is on account of decreased power supply and water availability. Moreover, the report indicated that the city fared poorly in civic amenities and also revealed that Hyderabad, in terms of infrastructure, ranks below than major cities like Kolkata, Pune and Mumbai.

Globally, Vienna (Austria) occupies the first spot for overall quality of living for the 8th year running. Rest of the top ten list is mainly occupied by other European cities: Zurich (Switzerland) in 2nd place, Munich and Dusseldorf (both in Germany) in 4th and 6th places respectively, followed by Frankfurt (again in Germany) on 7th position, Geneva (Switzerland) on 8th position, Copenhagen (capital of Denmark) on 9th position and a new entrant to the list Basel (Switzerland) in the 10th place.

The only non-European cities that are in the top 10 position are Auckland (New Zealand) in the 3rd position and Vancouver (Canada) in the 5th place. Whereas, Baghdad (capital of Iraq) and Port Au Prince (capital of Haiti) rank last viz 230 and 231 respectively, in terms of city infrastructure. 

Information source: timesofindia

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