Huge Response To VR P0rn Festival In Japan Causes It To Shutdown

There is a huge load of VR porn movies on the internet, courtesy everybody’s go-to site in incognito mode ‘The Pornhub’.

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Virtual Reality (VR) is a marvellous technology which allows the user to step into the virtual and experience things as if they were happening to them in the real world. VR was first introduced to the world by the gaming industry but, taking a look at the history of porn, it clearly suggests one thing - the love they have for new age technology and gadgets. People from the porn industry can never afford to stay a step behind. VR is that next step that this world is embarking upon.

There is a huge load of VR porn movies on the internet, courtesy everybody’s go-to site in incognito mode ‘The Pornhub’.

Showcasing a technology like that in a festival of porn had all the ingredients to attract a level of response that is impossible to handle. Few enthusiasts of VR and porn organized one such event in Japan, which would feature machines that are a combination of both the things. However, the response was so phenomenal that only a limited number of early birds who made it into the festival within the hour of its opening were able to enjoy the fest.

Let's take a look at what this festival in Japan had to offer.

 Source: theinquirer

Step into the shoes of male protagonists and feel your favourite porn star that would make your imagination lame.

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What’s in the box, you wonder? Well, what does it look like? There is a box and then there is a lady. You get the gist. Seeing a pair of female's breast through glass screen is old news , VR offers you a virtual life experience to touch them.

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It looks like a lifeless mannequin but the resemblance ends there. This piece of equipment will allow you to have an experience of your favorite XXX star getting nasty with you. The machine inflates and deflates itself, it also moves and shakes so it can replicate an actual intercourse. Sex robots are a thing now.

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No more wanking it off by your own hand in the VR world. They have got tools and mechanical machines made for everything that you would ever need, literally everything.

Machines like these totally eclipse the need for imagination. Festival as amazing as this one, surely was going to attract unprecedented concourse of people .

Source: theinquirer

Stills from the day of the VR event of Japan.

Can you count the number of people present in the image above? Imagine, what kind of gathering it must have been, that compelled the event to be canceled! This is what an onlooker had to say about this incident -

“The event didn’t start until 2 PM, so I went there in high spirits an hour before then, but the street was already overflowing with people. There were so many that it was almost impossible to keep the situation under control. While waiting for my friends, I couldn’t help but think that if they couldn’t control the mass of people, a riot or something similar could happen.”

Title Image Source: theinquirer

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