How To Get Out Of Friendzone Guide

NO man should ever spend their entire lives being stuck in friendzone, that is not pleasing

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NO man should ever spend their entire lives being stuck in friendzone, that is not pleasing, it’s not at all amusing and it is the most awful zone to be in. Yet guys can’t seem to exit it and are often finding themselves becoming a hardcore member of friend zone, without having the slightest clue of it.

In our previous article, we told you guys about the dreaded ‘Friendzone’ and the reasons behind it. This one is going to be a follow up article of the previous one which will be a step by step guide on getting out of the friendzone.

#1 Stop being a friend start being something more

Yes that means stop being her lap dog or a person she can go to whenever she needs help, that’s what friends are for and women they can never get romantic vibes from the people she chills with. You need to make her realize that you are not cool with the term friends you are looking for something more.

#2 Start dropping hints

Yep start doing that, you gotta do it. Men don’t pick up hints we are not observant but they are trust me on that. So if you are dropping hints, she will pick up some of them. She will blush and if you are lucky, she will do something more, smile!

#3 make her feel special

Women they love it. The more attention you give them the better, it never goes unnoticed. Gift her something, call instead of text. If you are good with words make a poem for her or if you can sing then use that. Whatever you do you should keep one objective in mind. That is making her feel special.

#4 You gotta stop!

What you gotta stop doing? It’s the good boy thing, stop it at once, be a little bad show her your bad side that intrigues them and it’s what she is going find sexy and comfortable one day so you now. Mix the good and the bad well.

#5 express yourself to her

You need to tell her exactly what you feel without holding any information back. Tell her every detail become a poet express my friend express. She may not like it at or she might get stumped but don’t worry it’s not lost yet, she knows what you are in for.

#6 Stop giving her cute names

You gonna have to put those names on hold because they only gonna make things cute. Start using her name that will make your statement appealing and more serious. She will know that it was not a joke and you are dead serious.

#7 Let her miss you

Yes! Give her time for that,you are her BFF of course she is going to miss you. Giving her space is a wise thing to do, let her figure everything out give her time that is quintessential step of getting out of a friendzone. It can either be good or bad but one thing would be clear. NO more friend zone.

Disclaimer: You may end up losing her as a friend but dude, at least you get a chance to start, all over again on someone else, who knows it just might work out on the new one.

Good luck getting out of the zone.

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