How Cristiano Ronaldo World’s Highest Paid Athlete Spends His Money!

Look into exuberant life of Cristiano Ronaldo!

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Cristiano Ronaldo is undoubtedly one of the greatest players ever to have played football. He has broken numerous footballing records and played with great consistency for one of the topmost clubs in football. In the contemporary football, where it is extremely difficult to maintain this kind of form and fitness, the way he performs under pressure time and again with such ease has made Cristiano Ronaldo one of the most high profile soccer players and also the highest paid athlete according to Forbes.

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Cristiano just signed a lifetime deal with NIKE worth a whopping $1 billion! This deal makes him the third athlete after the great Michael Jordan and LeBron James to sign a lifetime contract. As if this would not be enough, around $32 million of the estimated income comes from his endorsement deals with big companies like Tag Heuer, Herbalife, Castrol, KFC, Samsung. This new lifetime deal with NIKE will reportedly pay him around $24 million per year for the rest of his life. At this staggering rate, Cristiano will have almost $1 billion with him by the time he is around 70. Ever wonder how he spends his millions? Well, let’s take a look.

Cristiano is a huge car aficionado. He drives a $300,000 Lamborghini Aventador. His long list of cars includes his favorite Maserati, Bentley, Porsche and Mercedes among others.

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He lives inside a $7.1 million villa in one of the most exclusive communities in Madrid. This villa in La Finca is built by a high profile architect Joaquin Torres.

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Cristiano also has a wax statue made for him which is reportedly believed to be worth $31,000. There is also the original version of this statue at the Madrid Museum of Wax.

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Cristiano is also a huge fashion freak and he spends lavishly on his expensive tuxedos and suits and apparently sports them with equal brilliance. He has his own brand of innerwear and sportswear by the name CR7.

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Despite all his extravagant spending and exuberant lifestyle, Ronaldo is also known for his altruistic nature. He spends most of his hard earned money on charities. His charity work includes $165,000 to a Portuguese cancer centre and numerous NGO’s.

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