House Of Creep: Messages From Girls’ “Other” Folder That Are So Bad, They’re Good!

Keeping the romance alive!

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If you rue the loss of good old courting of women through Urdu poetry and genuine compliments, you haven’t seen the “Other” folder on Facebook!

This is where the messages from people not in your Friends list go. And what messages they are!

This folder is a certified goldmine of the poetic talents of Indian men who wax eloquent about anything, from the clothes that you’re wearing in your display picture to the size of your breasts, and hope to get “added” after that.

Yup. Try saying no to THAT!

Old Delhi Films asked these women about the kind of messages they find in their “Other” folder, and how they felt about them.

Watch this video and applaud at the chivalry of these men who keep romance alive!



Title image: youtube

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