Did You Know That There Is A Hotel In India Where People Check-In To Die?

Prominent actor Adil Hussain's next film is based on Mukti Bhawan and is releasing on April 7.

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If you have knowledge about Hindu beliefs and traditions, then you’ll be knowing how important moksha is for a Hindu. Moksha, a liberation from all the trials and tribulations of life, is on the list of everyone who follows Hindu religion. Moksha frees you from the tiring cycle of life and death. While most Hindu consider a dip in the holy Ganges as a form of attaining Moksha, some also check in into a certain Mukti Bhawan. 

Mukti Bhawan, a small house in the city of Varanasi is very popular among those who want to attain liberation. Every year, thousands of visitors visit Mukti Bhawan, all of them who want to die peacefully. While the number increases in winter, the footfall sees a decline in summer. 

Also, don’t mistake it with a place for suicide and mercy killing. This place is only for those who are on death bed. Every such person is allowed to stay here just for two weeks. If he doesn’t die in two weeks, then he has to vacate his room and give it to another ailing person.

The priests at Mukti Bhawan perform the final rites and help the person in attaining moksha. 

“Mukti Bhavan has 12 rooms with a small temple and priest and all facilities for the guests. There are a lot of old people who visit the hostel and stay here. The hostel manager Bhairav Nath Shukla has been in-charge and praying for the salvation of these dying souls for the past 44 years. He lives with his family in the same compound and his family members are used to people dying in their hostel,” reports India.com.

Take a look at some soul-stirring pictures taken at Mukti Bhawan, Varanasi:

Source: Reuters

Prominent actor Adil Hussain and filmmaker Shubhashish Bhutiani are coming up with a poignant film on father-son relationship and the premise taken is that of Mukti Bhawan. In the film, the patriarch of a middle-class family leaves for Varanasi in the hopes of attaining moksha. While the film has already been applauded in several international film festivals, it releases in India on April 7. 

Here's the trailer:

Title image: Reuters and Advertisement

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