Horror Flicks That Horror Fans Can't Afford To Miss Out

Good horror movies are a rarity and watching them feels like rediscovering a sunken treasure.There are too many meaningless jump scares

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Good horror movies are a rarity and watching them feels like rediscovering a sunken treasure. Horror fans know this feeling all too well. They have seen dozens of uninteresting and flat out boring horror flicks that forced them to yawn instead of flinching or gasping in terror. There are too many meaningless jump scares and plot-less movie which often end with an even more boring third act.

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But the horror genre has its own masterpieces like all others. Why wait when you can have a date with the Devil’s mate? Here are some movies which will haunt your days and nights for weeks to come:

1. The Conjuring 1 & 2 (2013-16)

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The Conjuring Franchise has been born and it looks like it is here to stay. The first instalment of the movie was legit scary with a story that kept everyone on the edge of their seats. The sequel has been recently released and it has not only lived up to fans’ expectations but it has clearly outclassed its predecessor. Remember the name James Wan the guy is a genius.

2. Insidious (2010)

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Another James Wan movie that will make you soil your trousers. Insidious is one crazy movie that revolves around a kid who suffers an accident which sends him straight into a coma. That is when things begins to unfold. A crazy spirit from the oblivion latches itself onto the boy. The world of the boy and the family changes dramatically. James Wan’s brilliance cannot be put into words.

3. Grave Encounters (2011)

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Ever dreamt about insane abandoned asylums and what lies inside? Well this is what the movie is about. Uncover the eerie events that happen inside of a deserted facility where over a thousand people worked, lived and died. Grave Encounters will take you on that rollercoaster ride through hell.

4. Sinister (2012)

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The plot is very simple- an author setting out to find inspiration for his new book. He heads into a house where murders and disturbing things took place. Sounds boring and done-to-death? Wait till you see the opening and your mind goes “BOOM!”. It is definitely going to haunt your nights and may make you hate yourself for watching that movie. A good compliment for a really disturbing movie.

5. The Babadook (2014)

This one is a total masterpiece which does not follow the norms for making a horror flick. It creates a unique spooky atmosphere where a mother and child is stuck all to their own and things start to unfold, you can’t help but feel scared. The Babadook begins to wreak chaos in their lives and they have got no one but each other. The Babadook is a movie which appeals to people with a very active imagination, who love the psychological horror aspect of movies.

6. The Shining (1980)

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The Shining is an age-old classic which has enthralled and entertained horror fans old and new. No matter which decade you were born into, this movie will scare the life out you. It builds itself up from the very beginning, When the build up reaches its mark, lo behold Jack Nicholson at his finest. He being an author moves to a hotel to find inspiration but he finds something entirely different which changes landscape of movie.

7. VHS  (2013)

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VHS is not your normal scary movie that needs a build up. It is a very in-your-face kind of a film. It is raw, gory and scary as heck. It does not hold anything back and will give you a taste of crazy VHS tape madness right away. Strictly for more mature audiences.

8 The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

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The Cabin in the woods is about a cabin in the woods. Seriously? What else could it be about anyway. Five friends goes into the woods and finds a cabin where they get stuck and one by one, they begin to die. Simple plot right? People die and now they are scared as hell and are in desperate search for an escape. If this thought is clouding your mind, then you are in for a big surprise.

9. Paranormal Activity (2010)

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The handheld footage or found footage genre is still relatively new in films. Especially in case of horror. Not many movies have found success while many flicks only tickled our laughing bone. But Paranormal Activity was one of those pioneer movies that took the genre to the mainstream. Story of a girl and her boyfriend who are in a battle against a demon that wants toy with them and ultimately kill them  It set the bar high for succeeding movies while managing to give the fans what they wanted out a horror flick. This movie is an absolute must see. Its sequels, however, can be ignored.

10. The Cabinet of Dr Caligari (1920)

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Dr Caligari was made in the era of silent films. It does not contain the cliches that newer horror films lazily cling to. No shabby jump scares or loud noises that will startle you. It is a straight-out one-hour worth of madness and horror without a single dialogue. A true horror fan will not miss out seeing this film. We highly recommend this film to all horror fans out there.

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How many of these have you seen? Which horror movie is your favorite? Let us know in the comment below.

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