Honey Wine To Soon Tingle The Taste Buds Of Punekars

"After launching in Pune and Mumbai, we will work on fine tuning the mead and solving any problems that may arise."

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Taking into consideration people’s love for sweet sweet drinks, Punekars Rohan Rehani and Nitin Vishwas would soon be introducing mead or honey wine in Pune.

Their brand, 'Moonshine Meadery', is all set to take Punekars on a sweet journey with various types of mead at the Pune Food and Beverage market. They have acquired all the necessary licenses and permits in September.

Talking about mead, Rehani said, “Mead was a beverage that has been consumed for centuries across Asia, Europe and Scandinavian countries. However, while mead continued to be brewed in Scandinavian nations due to a shortage of grapes, it disappeared from Asia. We launched our brand in June this year. Apparently, a new meadery has also been set up in Thailand."

It was back in 2014 when this idea struck him and that is how Moonshine Meadery came into existence. "Initially, when I tried my hand at brewing mead, it turned out horrible. Since then, after continuous attempts, the mead started tasting better. We made our friends try it and they asked for more. It was then that we decided to explore the commercial viability of mead. We were thinking of launching a small outlet for Pune only. However, considering that Indians like sweet beverages, we thought that the venture could be made national," he said talking about this 3 year long journey.

Regardless of having completed the setup in 2016, the duo got their permits and licences only in September this year, because to include mead in the crafts wine, the law had to be amended. "Now that we have our licence, we will start production with an initial 5,000-litre capacity. Our setup has three tanks, including one for carbonation. We are set to commence bottling within the coming week and are only waiting for the finalization of labels," he said.

Instead of focusing on retail, the pair wants to focus on Business to Business (B2B) sales initially. Talking about their business model Rehani said, "We are looking at tying up with five restaurants each in Pune and Mumbai, where our meads will be available. One-on-one engagement and the option to try the product will generate greater awareness about the product. We are going to start with two types, Apple Mead, which is made by fermenting apple juice and honey, and Coffee Mead that is made by dunking crushed coffee beans in traditional mead. The meads will be priced at Rs 180 per pint."

"After launching in Pune and Mumbai, we will work on fine tuning the mead and solving any problems that may arise," he added.

Information source: timesofindia

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