Honest Monsoon: Real Guide To The Indian Rainy Season

The monsoon brings with us a host of problems that apparently aren’t an issue for our ever-flawless Hindi film actresses.

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So the much awaited rainy season is upon us. Yes, we’re very grateful that people, animals and plants will have water to drink. But the monsoon brings with us a host of problems that apparently aren’t an issue for our ever-flawless Hindi film actresses.

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For lesser mortals like us, here is what the rains ACTUALLY bring with them.

1. Ladies, you can’t wear makeup

Open Secret: Makeup is either radiation-proof, or you reach work looking like this.

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2. You can never wear the right clothes

Whatever you wear is either too white, or too flowy, or too stick-to-your-body-like-wrapping-paper. And refuses to dry.

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3. No Loose Hair

Or hair in general. Because you aren’t in a Hindi film, you’re human!

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4. The choice between Street Food and Gastroenteritis

So just look at pictures and GIFs and go eat your bland healthy Khichdi (ugh!)

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5. When it’s not raining, it’s humid

Icky, sticky, humidity is the worst!

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6. Having to carry an umbrella everywhere

And you still keep forgetting that pest wherever you go. Not to mention, THIS happens.

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7. Mud stuck in shoes

As if limited clothing and grooming options weren’t bad enough, we also need to be careful with shoes. Or your favourite pair of sneakers aren’t coming back from the dead.

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8. Insect bites

Every species in the book finds its way into your room and clothes and leaves you with a bite, or if you are extremely lucky, an allergy.

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9. Everything stinks

Lack of sunshine coupled with everything dripping wet. Recipe for gag-inducing musty indoors.

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So what gets on your nerves during the monsoons? Share with us in the comments!

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