Home Hacks: Know How To Cut An Onion Without Shedding A Tear!

No more acidic tears with stinging eyes after chopping onions!

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From those scientist who developed onion goggles to those old wives’ tales about lighting a candle before you chop onions are all old and forever gone; Reacho brings to you these simple, easy-peasy and ready-at-home hacks that will not only make your life easier, but will also make you wise!

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Onions, being a great supplement of flavor to every dish, is an essential element in some and a supply for salad dressing in another. Savoring the tastes and flavors that it tends to add up to any dish, it get really difficult to spare a dish from it. Some people, to get away from the stinging and burning sensation in the eyes, avoid chopping onions and miss out the most scrumptious of the dishes!

Onions produce a chemical irritant that stimulates eyes’ lachrymal glands that in turn release tears and give you that burning sensation in your eyes. Whether one is chopping, slicing, dicing or cooking onions, he/she can’t help but end up to be a crying mess.

An experienced home-cook or a seasoned chef might call it a cakewalk, but for you, it might be difficult to chop an onion with your eyes closed!

One simple way is to freeze the onion for 15 minutes before putting knife in it!

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Freezing the onion will surely make it difficult for you to chop it, but hey! No more tears! Nothing beats that.

Hold an ice cube in your mouth while chopping onions!

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Having something in your mouth encourages you to breathe through your mouth and makes you suck in all the chemical irritants and gases that will eventually prevent the burning tears coming out from your eyes.

Put a piece of bread in your mouth while dealing with onions!

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Bread absorbs the sulfuric compounds before they reach your eyes and significantly eliminate the amount of eye irritation onion causes.

No more reasons to avoid chopping onions for the fear of stinging eyes. With these tips, get rid of your stinging watering eyes and get back to cooking!

Don’t forget to let us know which one of the tips you found the most useful!

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