Hitler, Iron Fist and Aquaman: Find Out What Your Favourite Game Of Thrones Stars Are Up To!

Season six is over but it is a fact that we can’t enough of our GoT favourites. So though the makers of the huge fantasy series will keep us waiting till summer

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Season six is over but it is a fact that we can’t enough of our GoT favourites. So though the makers of the huge fantasy series will keep us waiting till summer 2017, the actors are kind enough to keep appearing before us; well not as Jon Snow or Danaerys but someone else to keep us abreast with their lives!

1. Kit Harington aka Jon Snow

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Harington is working on two movies simultaneously, playing the lead in The Death and Life of John F. Donovan which is a Canadian drama around a journalist at a magazine called The Gossip and the other one is Brimstone along with his GoT co-star Carice van Houten, the Red Woman and the great actor Guy Pearce. His contribution to Call of Duty is also doing rounds.

2. Emilia Clarke aka Daenerys Targaryen

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Basking in the glory of the success of her intense love story Me before You, Emilia Clarke is busy with Voice from the Stone which is post production and will film for Above Suspicion set for 2017.

3. Sophie Turner aka Sansa Stark

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Sansa after seasons of repression turned real badass before season six ended and will have a key role in the last season too. But in the meanwhile she is sulking over not receiving an Emmy nomination along with the shooting of her upcoming movie Alone where her character is helping a war veteran overcome his PTSD. She also attended the San Diego Comic Con with hype and hoopla.

4. Iwan Rheon aka Ramsay Bolton

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Well Sansa let the dogs out on him and the audiences couldn’t be happier! But Iwan Rheon proved that he is an actor par excellence playing the disgusting Ramsay Bolton to perfection.

Not content with playing the most detestable character on television he decided to go all the way to play Adolf Hitler.

The actor will star as the Nazi in a TV film charting the tyrant to be's attempts to enroll at the Vienna Academy of Fine Art in his younger years.

Chatting with The New York Times, Rheon said that he'll be playing "a young Hitler" in Adolf the Artist quoting that "Oh, I'm typecast already."

A satirical drama, the project co-stars Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint who will play Hitler's roommate Kubizek whose memoir, Adolf Hitler: My Childhood Friend, served as inspiration for the film.

5. Finn Jones aka Loras Tyrell

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Recently burnt to death, Ser Loras Tyrell will be back from the ashes not as a Knight but as Iron Fist, Netflix’s first foray into the Marvel Universe where he will play a trained martial arts kind-of superhero under the cover of Danny Rand.

6. Maisie Williams aka Arya Stark

C:\Users\user\Desktop\Reacho\pics\screen_shot_2016-03-31_at_3_54_37_pm_0 (1).pngSource: hollywoodreporter

The girl who has no name is taking a break from her assassin bloodshed and off to build a raft to sail across the Atlantic with the help of Jason Sudeikis in her upcoming flick The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.

7. Jason Mamoa aka Khal Drogo

C:\Users\user\Desktop\Reacho\pics\CmALh1mVAAAbR1u.jpgSource: comicbookmovie

Well, we had mixed reviews about the Dothraki Prince while he was at it, only the constant fact that he was sexy as hell. When he landed as Aquaman, the fans had doubts again but once the pictures were out, all mouths were shut. Momoa will be back as cameras start rolling on the first Justice League movie. Teaming up with Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman onscreen, stupendous action surrounds Mamoa now.

"I like fighting. So, I'm looking forward to being a superhero and just fighting," he said.  "There's some good battles."

He will also be seen in his solo movie as the water warrior Aquaman, later.

Hope you had a good read, we know you are missing them.

Title image: moviepilot

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