These Hilarious Indian Copy-Paste Adaptions Of Popular Brands Will Leave You In Splits

Daily milk, Reebuk, Guccci Fair and lonely etc… there are many that fall under the list of our created brands

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Many times while strolling around a shopping area, you would’ve stumbled upon the “brands” like- Roy Ban, Fast-track, Abibas and Babbi Doll. These hilarious sounding products clearly seem to be “wannabe brands” in their own local space.

We are sure you must have, at some point, come across many such products from expensive brands to the farzi-expensive ones. Here’s the list of all such brands that will leave you in splits.

1. A terrible heart pain for an ardent Liverpool fans

2. Biloo- must be the name of the person who came with such a new and brilliant concept of packaged water bottle.

3. My heart just broke after seeing this, sorry *it’s my leg*

4. Well, now from where did that banana come from?

5. Shades of tones and shades of names

6. This is what is called as inspiration

7. Wow and they didn’t bother to change the tagline

8. I doubt who must have driven this bike?

9. Okay! I got that

10. This is creative, though!

11. Nike apparently got into designing household chappals

12. Oh… So he is your man, uh?

13. Bored of walking so he has now switched to working

14. Those d’s just flipped

15. Go here and save your bucks

Image and information sourced from toi, indiatimes

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