Here’s Why You Don’t Get To Choose Your Train Seat Like You Can At The Movies!

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Pay attention people, we might as well stop complaining! Singles invariably crib about not getting the side upper birth while families complain that all tickets are not in the same compartment. Source: goindia

So have you ever wondered as to why you hardly get your desired berths on trains? The only logic that we, as laymen, can apply is that they use profiling that gives lower births to senior citizens and single seats are booked randomly in between.

Not exactly rocket science, but the IRCTC has to take every measure for safety and security of the millions of passengers who ply with the railways every day.

Allotting a train seat isn’t as simple as booking a movie ticket where you are provided with a list of available seats and allowed to use. Also because the train is a high speed moving object the concerns are always high. The IRCTC software runs a critically designed algorithm to distribute the weight across the train. Source: irctcstationcode

As quoted by the Economic Times “Imagine there are sleeper class coaches in a train numbered S1, S2 S3... S10, and in every coach there are 72 seats. So when someone first books a ticket, software will assign a seat in the middle coach like S5, middle seat numbered between 30-40, and preferably lower berths. This is because Indian Railways will fill the lower berths than upper one so as to achieve low centre of gravity. The software books seats in such a way that all coaches have uniform passenger distribution and seats are filled starting from the middle seats (36) to seats near the gates i.e 1-2 or 71-72 in order from lower berth to upper. Railways just want to ensure a proper balance that each coach should have for equal load distribution.” Source: youtube

Basic physics is taken into consideration and not your preference because trains run at an average speed of around 70km/hr. The bogies are always under the threat of derailment. So, to maintain the stability of the train when brakes are applied, the weight has to be proportionately divided.

After knowing this can you make peace with those innocent officers at the ticket counter?

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