Sacred Fire And Mere Promises? Here Is The Significance Of The 7 Pheras In Indian Marriages

It does have some purpose and meaning.

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Budgets for fashion designer clothes, themed parties and rituals, the matchmaking relatives and then the ‘Marriage’ itseld. It is a party for few, celebration for many and good food for all. However, Indian Hindu marriages are synonymous as well as incomplete without The Saath Pheras - the seven promises given by the bride and the groom in the presence of the pious fire and the chantings of the vedic mantras. According to Hindu Religion, Fire is called Agni and is considered as maintainer of life hence the couple is expected to promise each other a happy married life in the presence of The God of Fire. However, every phera has its own significance as they are not just empty promises and here are the reasons behind them before you give them:

First phera - Nourishment and food

In the first phera, the couple prays that they be blessed with nourishing food.  As the groom promises to provide the family with the basic welfare the bride takes the vow to shoulder the responsibilities if the family.

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Second phera - A complete union

In the second phera, the couple prays that their marriage results in a complete union on mental, emotional and spiritual levels. They pray and promise to live as a “one” rather than two halves.

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Third phera - The promise of wealth and prosperity

The third phera is about the promise to share happiness and pain together and have physical and spiritual loyalty towards each other. For a good living of the family they seek blessing of wealth and prosperity.

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Fourth phera - The promise to take care of the ‘extendeds’

The couple promises to strengthen the foundation of their union, their extended family. They seek blessing for standing up to family values and living a marriage with base of morals.

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Fifth phera - The promise of progeny

The couple prays that their union would result in noble and strong children. They also pledge to be responsible parents.

Sixth phera - A healthy disease free life

The strength of a happy existence is a healthy and disease free life. The couple thus prays the Lord to bless their family with good health and that the marriage results in a joyful life.

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Seventh phera - Sealing the union

The union is sealed with the promise of friendship and companionship. For the base of their relation is trust and companionship, the couple prays to be given the strength to stand for each other through thick and thin.

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For every word has its own Weight!  

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