Here Are 14 Common Dreams And Why You See Them

Interpreting the dreams have been a long-unsolved puzzle as far as we can remember. New breakthrough researches though could bring this matter to light.

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Every night for 90 minutes every single person on this earth dreams. Dreams are somewhat like letter/messages which are sent by your unconscious mind. Often these letters are simple and straightforward, but sometimes it leaves us puzzled and unclear.

But we have sources and researches to solve our puzzle. So if you are finding a missing piece of your puzzle, scroll down to know about it.

#1 Falling

Source: bbc

There are two type of falling dreams. First type is when you feel that your fall is peaceful or good it means you are finally ready to let go off the thing or person you have been holding onto. The second type is when you are scared and caught hold of a support while falling. This may mean that you are reluctant about leaving a thing or a person. This type of dream may also reflect discomfort, anxiety, fear or even tension.

#2 Being trapped

Source: mamamia

This dream is most common in people who are suffering from claustrophobia—the fear (sometimes extreme) of being locked up in a small area without the possibility of escaping.  Also, it can mean that you are frustrated about something in your waking life like, an unwanted relationship, etc. It also means that you fear that you will never come out these unwanted situations.

#3 Natural Disasters

Source: explorefacts

If you find yourself dreaming about being caught by a hurricane, an erupting volcano or that a large tsunami wave is approaching towards you, you are probably anxious and scared in your waking life. Since natural disasters are unpredictable and uncontrollable, it also indicates that you are nervous about something, like an interview, presentation, etc.

#4 Teeth Dropping

Source: reactivecandy

Nightmares about teeth dropping is also one of the many signs of anxiety, fear of being judged and also an anguish about your physical appearances.  

#5 Nudity

Source: dreams

These kinds of dreams express emotional or psychological exposure or vulnerability. Insecurity about your physical appearances and acceptance at social meetings, i.e. issues about self image and self esteem.

#6 Sex

Source: dailymail

It works as an outlet for your sexual expressions. It can reflect your personal desires and fears, wish or even dissatisfaction. Only you will be able to analyse these kinds of dream correctly. It usually depends upon some of the specific life experiences.

#7 Flying

Source: ritajelinski

Flying dreams represent high confidence, freedom, faith and a feeling of control on your emotions. In some cases it can also indicate a feeling of captivity. If you look down at someone/ something negatively it possibly means that it's bothering you. If you face obstacles while flying, that means something is holding you back from being free or reaching your dream.

#8 Paralysis

Source: alphr

This is a very terrifying situation for a person who feel that his/her body is paralysed during a dream. It indicates an inherent fear which people are unable to express in their waking life. It may also mean that you are stuck in a situation/ problem and you are unable to solve it. If you experience these kinds of dreams frequently, it probably means that the Rapid Eye Movement sleep stage is overlapping the waking up stage.

#9 Seeing The Dead

Source: astro24h

If you dream about a person who was really close to and now who is dead, it simply means that you can’t let go off that person. People with severe and incurable diseases often have such kinds of dreams.

#10 Injuries

Source: framepool

These kinds of nightmares means you are feeling weak/ vulnerable in your waking life. Finding out about your weakness and working towards improving it might help from having such nightmares.

#11 Death

Source: keywordsking

Everyone thinks that dreaming about death is an indication of negativity, but in some cases it can also mean that you are unable to adjust with the recent changes in your life. It’s a message that it’s time to let go of some things and accept the new changes that come your way.

#12 Snakes

Source: fatocurioso

Seeing snakes in dream indicates fear, anxiety, unresolved issues that one is not able to solve in their waking life. It also expresses uncertainty, for example if there is any mistrust or misunderstanding in you life, you will have a dream with venomous animals (snakes).

#13 Being Chased

Source: beingindian

According to research this the most common dream people have. It expresses anxiety and vivid thoughts. Ironically these dreams mean that you are trying to run away from something but not able to do so.

#14 Water

Source: pixabay

Water represents our emotions. It is a reflection of our unconscious mind. So the type of water like - clear, calm, turbulent, cloudy, etc, will help you decode the reason behind you dream.   

Few of the examples are

Drowning - financially unstable; Underwater: you are overwhelmed and happy about something; Hot water: rage, anger and stress; Turbulent: emotional unbalance and difficulties; etc.

Interpreting the dream in a right way will help you solve your problems easily. Feeling enlightened yet?

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