Health Talk: 7 Things That Are Very Important For The Proper Growth Of A Child

Because health is wealth!

Health Talk, Dr Jayashree Pendharkar, Nagpur Dietician

We all want the same things for our kids. We want them to grow up to love and be loved, to follow their dreams, to find success. Mostly, though, we want them to be happy. And this will be possible only when, we as parents will help them grow in the right way. 

Here's a list of seven things which will play an important role in the proper growth of your child: 

1. Inheritance

Source: Iraq Timeline

2. Climate

Source: Kalpan Early Learning

3. Mother's Education

Source: UNM News

4. Cleanliness

Source: Carra Lucia Books

5. Right Diet & Nutrition

Source: ImbaLife

6. Mental Stability & Satisfaction

Source: Ninja Mommers

7. Feeling Of Security & Safety


Title image source: Midwest Nutrition

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Jayashree Pendharkar (WRITER)

Jayashree Pendharkar has worked in many hospitals as a diet consultant. She is working with Mahan, Melghat ( District: Amravati) for eradication of malnutrition since last 13 years. She has delivered 1300-1350 lectures, presentations, demonstrations, seminars and workshops about diet and health. She has also co-authored for 7-8 international papers on home based child care to reduce mortality and malnutrition in tribal area of Melghat. In addition to this, she has published 11 books on diet and health. She is also publishing Yograj and Matruseva magazine, every month for the last 17 years and 7 years, respectively. Also, she has conducted nutrition education programs in many cities and Tata Tea Gardens.