Hasley India: These Instagram Videos Will Make You Roll On The Floor And Laugh

The script and acting is spot on!

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Harsh Beniwal, an actor and YouTuber at Hasley India, has an official Instagram account full of Hysterically humorous videos that one can easily connect and relate to with every day actions and proceedings.

Mundane Monday or Wednesday workload? These Videos will make up on the worst of your days and here's why you need to follow him ASAP:

When you expect too much but you get too little:


Husband Expectation Vs reality. Tag your 100 friends #vine #harshbeniwal #funny #video #funnyvine #dance #mj #michaeljackson

A video posted by Harsh Beniwal (@harshbeniwal) on

Driving with your dad:

When your eyes betray you:

When you forget to turn off the light:

When people show off way too much:

When your friends lack sense of humor:

When your girl takes a hell lot of time to get ready:

When you want to make the dead come back to life:

When you want to scare away a ghost:

If Superman was an Indian:

If you're a guy, then it's ALWAYS your mistake:

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