Hashtag Baker Street: If Characters From BBC’s ‘Sherlock’ Had Instagram!

What are we without some imagination?

Sherlock, BBC, Baker Street, Instagram, Insta, Mycroft Holmes, John Watson, Jim Moriarty, Irene Adler

Yeah, we know. Sherlock Holmes is the last person who’d Instagram even the cereal he had for breakfast, let alone the developments in a case he was on.

But then, what are we without some imagination?

So we got into our mind palaces, and tried to imagine a world where people from BBC’s Sherlock are on Instagram. And who do you imagine wins the Great Game?

1. Mycroft Holmes


2. Greg Lestrade


3. Mrs. Hudson


4. Molly Hooper


5. Mary Morstan


6. John Watson


7. Irene Adler


8. Sherlock Holmes


9. Jim Moriarty


Honey, we’d love to see you in a crown!

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