A Magical Harry Potter Pub With Wands And Enchanted Ambience To Open In London Next Year

The Cauldron, Harry Potter pub to open its Wizarding world of door in London.

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If you are Potterhead then once in your lifetime you definitely would’ve tried flicking your wand with your favourite Harry Potter Spells. Now to transform this surreal experience into real, United Kingdom will soon set up an HP Pub for the Potterheads where one will use wands to turn on beer taps and light floating candles.

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 The pub will be built in London and will use smart-home and Internet-of-things technology to produce 'magical' effects.

 The inn will be called 'The Cauldron' inspired by 'The Leaky Cauldron,' a fictitious inn mentioned in Harry Potter franchise that serves as a gateway to the wizarding world.

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Matthew Cortland, a 28-year-old former teacher from New Jersey is launching a crowdfunding project to raise $500,000 for the pub.

 Cortland said,

Our food menu will feature dishes that are explicitly mentioned in fantasy texts. We will source our recipes and ideas for the implementation of those dishes from our community of fans. We will create spectacular science-based cocktails that look and behave like potions that are described in fantasy books.

He further added,

Our resident mixologist will be tasked with using the magical elements in our pub to brew drinks that capture your imagination. It's a boozy mix of mixology, science, and technology 

Here’s the video that will make fall in love with this concept,


To allure the visitors, even more, the pub will also have a collection of books for reading or one can simply opt to a listening station and enjoy an audiobook.

If you’re not good at spell unlike Hermoine, we suggest to take lessons and practice hard!

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Info source: businessinsider

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