Harry Potter Fans, Rejoice! You Can Now Get Your Hair Colored Butterbeer Shade!

A hair color that looks amazeballs not just IML but also IRL!

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IML = In Magical Life, just in case.

Okay if you’re an out and out Harry Potter fan then we’ve got some news that will want to make you go ‘Accio’!

Butterbeer, the famous beverage of our wizarding world is now available in the muggle world! Not dearies, not as a drink, but as a shade of hair color! Yes, you read it right.

The color is just like the ale. If you ask us, it is only better!

For all those muggles out there who have no idea what we’re jumping like hot beans about, Butterbeer is a famous brew of the wizard world which is a heady mixture of alcohol and butterscotch. Generally served cold in a foamy mug, it looks somewhere shady of canary yellow. Also, if you ever visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, do try the butterbeer. It’s YUM!

‘Revelist’ was the first to turn this beverage into a balayage and letting the inner maniac of us HP fans, lose.  Now even if you aren’t a Potterhead like us, you can still have a butterbeer head. The yellow head has become a trend like a wildfire. With more and more people experimenting with the color, looks like the fashion will last for long just like every other HP story and merchandise.

The bright yellow hue leaves the onlookers with a magical spellbinding effect. Some are experimenting with a just-streaks looks while others are choosing to go all global. Whatever the type, we sure know it’s going to captivate our attention ala Lady Gaga style who dyed her hair ombre in 2010!

Although we don’t know if we’d be able to pull off this bold color like a boss, we definitely find it incredible and a fun experiment with hair! I mean, who wouldn’t love a touch of whimsical to their style!

Take a look at how the ones who've dared to get their mane magical!














Looks like these Harry Potter fans have indeed set a benchmark in the fandom!

Information source: elitedaily

Title image source: allure

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