A Study Has Found That 'Harry Potter' Is Helping People Deal With Death

People who said they do it as a way to cope or form their own identity were most likely to have higher levels of death awareness.

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Who thought, our favourite movie franchise Harry Potter will be helping its fans cope with death? Yes folks, you read it right! According to a study, it has been revealed that people who spend a lot of time thinking about dying are more inclined towards reading the books or watching the movies, that too multiple times.

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Discussing this phenomenal thing, Lance Garmon, an assistant professor at Salisbury University in Maryland in the US, said,

For some, it seems that anxiety about or obsession with death makes them want to reread the books or rewatch the Harry Potter films.

Garmon further explained,

For people who do dwell on death, the series could serve as a coping mechanism. For younger fans with a high level of death awareness, it could help them start to understand grown-up issues, such as dying.

In this process, the researchers have studied more than 400 college students where the participants were asked to tell the number of times they had read each of the books and watched each of the movies.

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A further series of questions followed, where they were then asked about the need to read or watch the series, as well as how prominently death featured in their daily thoughts.

According to the reports of Live Science,

People in the study who had read the books at least nine times or watched the movies at least 30 times were considered to have high exposure to the series.

The researchers also found that a comparison between people in the low-exposure group (up to three book readings and up to 11 movie viewings) and a high-exposure group, the latter was more likely to think that death played an important role in the series.

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